Hosted Sharepoint 2010

SharePoint is the world's leading file and information storage and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft.

It's hosted on our high-speed network, giving you access to your company's files and data in the cloud, and reducing your IT overhead. It integrates neatly with Outlook and Office, and is available on many other platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android and from any browser.

Making it easier for people in business to work together.

Hosted SharePoint makes it easier for people in business to work together. They can share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents online utilising cloud technology, making Hosted SharePoint an essential platform in today's smart business.

Shared Calendars

Effortlessly know the whereabouts of your colleagues.

Sharing Data

Quick and easy and reduces emails back and forth.

Document FAQs

Saves time when dealing with customer enquiries.

Team Discussion

Save complicated email threads being passed between staff.

Multiple Locations

Whether you're in the office, at home or on the road.

Track Work/Versions

Update multi-tasked files easily on any device.

Allocate Permissions

Allocate staff members to view certain documents.

Collate Feedback

Saves time collaborating answers from individual emails.

Document Management

Document Libraries

Shared online document management facility. Can replace fileserver- style document sharing, but provides considerable additional document management functionality.

Deep MS Office Integration

Microsoft Office and SharePoint are designed to work together, and SharePoint's document management capabilities work seamlessly with the Office suite.

Retention Policies

To prevent clutter and reduce storage costs, SharePoint allows you to configure automated document retention, archival and disposal policies.


SharePoint document libraries can be configured to automatically maintain a history of the versions of a particular document. The latest version is always available, but previous versions can quickly be viewed or restored. No more fussing with ugly naming conventions and having directories cluttered with dozens of versions of the same file.


Files in SharePoint - whether Office documents or other files like PDFs, CAD documents, images and multimedia files - can be 'tagged' with additional metadata. Examples include author, date created, title, approval status, expiry date and so on - you are free to set up whatever metadata fields will be helpful to your business.


SharePoint provides powerful workflow tools which you can use to implement business processes and sign-off procedures. The workflow engine provides simple approval mechanisms out-of-the-box, but with SharePoint Designer offers a sophisticated and customiseable workflow capability.

Image Management

SharePoint provides image libraries, which provide all the capabilities of document libraries, but with built-in thumbnails, previews and slideshow capabilities.

Offline Use/Synchronisation

SharePoint can syncronise folders, document libraries and other content for offline use with Outlook Client 2007 and above.

SharePoint video tutorials

The below video tutorials give you a step-by-step run through of how Hosted SharePoint can benefit your business and can be used in conjunction with our SharePoint User Stories guide.

Sharing Calendars
Working on the road
Sharing with clients
Tracking work
Document FAQ
Management only documents
Team discussions
Gathering feedback

Per User Per Month


Includes 500MB Storage

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Additional 5GB Storage


You can order additional storage for your Hosted SharePoint site as an add-on option

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