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The majority of businesses use web browsers for daily tasks, whether it is for email, research, tasks or even to use SharePoint. At YourWebSolution we believe surfing the web should be a safe and enjoyable experience, so we have partnered with CensorNet to bring this experience to you.

Coming face to face with Internet threats is a concern for any company, yet some businesses aren't even aware of such threats, believing basic web browsers provide enough security. We believe CensorNet has the solution to prevent such threats.

Take control of the threat...

With CensorNet Web Filtering you have the ability to control the way your employees use the Internet, protecting your businesses from today's very real cyber threats, including malware and phishing.

Your can take control by blocking access to questionable content and monitoring browser use, to optimise employee productivity. Managing up to 5 devices per user from one easy-to-use online portal, you can view which sites have been visited by employees, as well as having the ability to specify the times in which they can access specified websites, user by user, site by site.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Using a database of billions of URLs Hosted CensorNet Web Filtering instantly protects users from inappropriate websites. On top of that we use human inspection of content in multiple languages as well as advanced image scanning technology. This ensures your users don't see what you don't want them to see.

It's not just content blocking either. Hosted CensorNet Web Filtering takes care of malware with multiple layers of security. CensorNet's breakthrough online threat detection and predictive heuristics stop web-based malware threats fast.

Does it delay page loads?

No, Hosted CensorNet Web Filtering is proxy-less which ensures that it works at blazing fast speeds with zero latency.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Hosted CensorNet Web Filtering's follow-the-user philosophy ensures web access control passes seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile and therefore provides a consistent browsing experience for the end user. More sophisticated than DNS-based solutions and involving considerably less overhead than pure proxy solutions, the CensorNet HWS platform extends to networks, roaming users, standalone computers, tablet devices and BYOD.

Is there any hardware to install?

Standalone computers, where there is no network infrastructure, can be brought under the control of the web filtering service by simply installing Cloud Link. Smart phones and tablet devices can also be protected whilst they are roaming by using the Cloud Link iOS secure browser or Android application.

The solution provides a consistent web browsing experience for users as they move from desktop, to laptop to mobile which increases productivity and reduces IT administration.

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